My Day at MomCom

Hi, I just had 2 kids in 2 years without a pre-established career and now I have no idea who I am or what the hell I’m doing. For one whole day I got to put on a skirt, talk to other adults, listen to some very inspiring and hilarious women talk about the awesome things they do, drink a margarita (or two), and wipe nobody’s ass but my own.

Now, suddenly, all seems right with the world. I feel like I can decide what “it all” is for me and (eventually) have it. I no longer feel like a failure for not being able to manage little monsters all day, start a successful blog, keep the house clean, and have a home-cooked dinner on the table every night, without starting a little speed habit.

Highlights for me included hearing about all the wonderful recipes in the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbooks, laughing to the point of tears at Wendi Aarons‘s understated humor, and discovering this company which has solved my gift-giving dilemma for grandparents for the rest of their lives. Also, the margaritas.

Apparently there were a ton of giveaways all day, but my name was never called, so I’m inclined to believe they were just making that all up.

In addition to the witty speakers, problem-solving exhibitors, and tons of supposed give-aways, I got to network with some Austin moms doing all kinds of cool things. I met the owner of Plug & Play and the owner of Soma Vida, both of which are shared workspace ventures that I hope to utilize in the future for this blog and for massage. You know, that day when I decide to actually do something worthwhile instead of fold clothes and watch trash TV. Some stereotypes are there for a reason, y’all.

You can find more information on MomCom here. I think it’s a fabulous event because no matter what your personal situation, there are so many things that only other moms understand. Chances are, you’ll feel better about who you are and where you’re going once you leave, either because you were inspired by all the awesome women you met, or you met someone like me and thought “Whew! I’m not so bad off after all!”, or maybe you just had a few margaritas.