A Photographic Year

I will be taking care of both kids all by myself this summer. I could have prefaced that with a long monologue about how I feel like less of a mother for having Archer in Montessori school, since shooting two babies out of your vag is supposed to transform you into Wonderwoman, but I’ll save that for another day. Bottom line: This woman is having a serious momdentity crisis (post-post-partum identity crisis) and I though it would be fun to document my journey.

My weekly veggies

Our Bi-weekly Greenling Box

I’m starting my own photo-a-day project. I’m sure most of them will be via Instagram. There will probably be many of babies, since that’s who I roll with these days. I hope there are a few that represent some weight loss since I will be hitting up the gym as soon as June is old enough for their daycare. And, although I have been trying to use our new grown-up camera more, I’m sure many of them will be from the fancy new phone I’m angling for later this summer.

Heeeeere goes nothing!


1 thought on “A Photographic Year

  1. I am in the midst of realizing that I will be home all summer with TWO kiddos. I have barely wrapped my mind around having two kids. Should be … interesting?

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